Our Story

The genesis of many good ideas often involves going against current perceptions and biases.  Sometimes that involves simply improving what is already accepted in the market place. Kinisi CEO and co-founder Regg Miller did just that when he created the Kinisi Flagship products, Active Cotton and The Lock.

Inspired by the conventional wisdom that cotton was not perceived as a “go to” athletic material and that synthetic apparel makers have pushed the mantra that “cotton is rotten”, Regg set out to prove how misplaced this perception was.

Everybody has their favorite cotton tee. Why? Because it’s the most comfortable fabric we can wear. Regg has not only improved on natures creation, he succeeded in creating a cotton fabric that breathes, is light, is odor repellant and most importantly has true one way moisture movement not “wicking”. Active Cotton was the result and won Regg the Top Innovation Award In Apparel Magazine in 2008.

The inspiration for The Lock came straight from the hockey rinks of Ontario Canada with a little ballet training thrown in for good measure.  Regg being an avid recreational hockey player came to the realization that although there have been numerous developments over the years in hockey jock cup designs, the basic support had not been altered in eons. The elastic stretched out, the cup would float and often sensitive areas were left vulnerable.  This is where the ballet training in his younger days kicked in.  Regg theorized that the basics of a ballet dance belt could be melded with a jock to create a hybrid that would provide more comfort and superior support. The result was the Universal Lock which is now a licensed product of Bauer Performance Sports under the Lock Jock brand.  Not satisfied with and believing the short could do more Regg spent two more years with engineering and fabrics to create the Core Lock. It is designed to truly support and stabilize your core while securing your anatomy, hips and buttocks. The Lock has now secured a patent and has now been tested or is being used by marathoners, golfers, cross fitters, tri-athletes, weightlifters, yoga practitioners, and the list goes on for any one looking for core support and performance in their workout wear.